It’s been a while since I’ve updated. Cecily is changing all the time. She’s walking/running around non-stop.  She turned one…6 months ago. Here are some pictures Auntie Shannon took for her birthday.

There have been many firsts since then – like first time in the pool.


First Steps.


First Birthday!

img_6731First time at the zoo.

More August/September pictures.

First time at the aquarium.

Playing with her baby.


First time playing in the leaves.


First baby cousin. Hi Joey!


First time at the Topsfield Fair.


Second Halloween!

First train ride and visit to the Children’s Museum.

Christmas Time!

Happy New Year! She was happy, just not with the hat on.


First time on a carousel.


First time finding all three kitty mouses (rats)!


First word (besides mama and da) is ball!

That’s all I can think of at the moment. I know there are more. I’ll leave you with one little animation of what she currently loves to do.


We’re cruising!

Cecily is so close to walking! She’s standing on her own and cruising along the couches and flying with her walker.


She also loves swinging

and vacuums.

Seven Months

Crazy to think that Cecily is over 7 months old already.  I thought I would be better at keeping up with this blog (even if it is only a journal for the 5 people that look at it).  Here are some photos of her over the past few months. She can sit up all on her own, loves standing with help, and babbles all day long.  Her favorite toy right now is her new walker which makes her want to dance. She loves her days with grandma and, new this week, can’t wait to see her daddy and gets angry when he leaves the room. She’s eating some solids now and likes any fruit and sweet potatoes and chews on EVERYTHING. She’s not sure about snow, but likes looking out the window (still).  She’s our happy little love.